Sunday, September 13, 2009

12 blocks 12 towers” and “Family Tree” draw the Olympic Village

Olympic Village has already a face and a name. Two different projects: “12 blocks 12 towers”, by the architect Jorge Javier Camacho and María Eugenia Macía Torregrosa, and “Family Tree”, created by Fernando García Pino y Manuel García de Paredes, were proclaimed the International contest of Ideas winners. The contest was announced by Madrid Town Hall, to design and develop the Olympic Village, for the Madrid 2016 Candidature. The first one will design the Village residential area. The second one, the Village services area.
The city Mayor, Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, was the one in charge to make public the result of the contest, to which 41 different projects for the residential area were presented, and 15 for the services area design. At the same time, 5 special mentions were delivered, two for the service area design ("310G" and "Meeting Games"), and three for the residential area design (“Shoes made of Clouds”, “Madrid Olympic Park” and “Five scenes, five continents, and one Olympic Village”).

“12 blocks 12 Towers”

The winner Project for the Olympic Village residential area, shows a hybrid typology between tower and open block. Four blocks will be created, with three block-tower units in each one, with a high permeability between the open common spaces, improving the staying areas generation.

Moreover, the blocks and towers distribution answer to different criteria of maxim sunshine and ventilation. Two different typologies of homes will be available: one bedroom apartments in the towers and two bedrooms in the blocks. The distribution is designed around a big use and kitchen space and then the bedrooms. The rooms are mainly located at the south side and the kitchens, bathrooms and accesses to the north.

The project suggests the creation of natural solar filters by the planting of deciduous trees that give more shadow during the summer and more sunlight in the winter. It admits, moreover, wide green spaces were autochthon species could be grown.

It suggests as well the installation of photothermic boards installed in the facades and photovoltaic boards placed on the covers, for the common areas illumination.

This Project was created for the satisfaction of changing necessities of the Olympic Village along the time from the beginning. All the buildings have an acting area: access building, hotel, policlinic, logistic center, and the dock are different and adapted for the different uses they were created for, but at the same time, this will allow the necessary adaptations for the specific particularities that each of them carry out among the group.

Green areas integration with the buildings and the pedestrian circulation are the main points of the Project, the priority is established for the parallel to the water direction roads, in the Stormy ponds area, allowing the crossing by several points in the transversal direction for the distance could be walked by foot.

These pedestrian circulations are even integrated inside the buildings.

Access building, entrance and car park.

Here Press hosting, visitants and sportsmen reception will be located, in one only level, to which the related to Olympic Square commercial area will be added, the main Village meeting place.

In a superior level, Investigation and Sports spreading Center, where all kind of disciplines will be perform. This space is a public square that joins the already existent one inside the building, and will be maintained as city legacy once the Games are over.

The car park pergola-garden-plot will be use as the building lobby and will count on pavement that allows the water passing and the grass growing.

Hotel and canteen

The hotel, the tallest residential buildings of the Olympic Village, will have on the north side of the ground floor the museums area, access, reception and control. The south side, with two parts of two floors will host the main dining rooms for the Games. On the main lobby, some public spaces, resting areas, leisure areas, piano-bar and large suites with terraces in the interior lobby.

In the highest floor a restaurant will be located, which from the whole the Olympic Village and Ring could be seen. Building construction will be guided by efficiency and sustainability energy criteria. Thus, the facades are covered in a 60% of its extension, with elements that keep the sun and captures energy at the same time.


With a rectangular prism form and four plants, and located in the access area, reception and emergencies on the ground floor, the general medicine in the first two floors, the specialty consultations in the next level and finally, physical rehabilitation area, with swimming pool, at the top floor.

Logistic Center

A 15 meters high building will host the fleet of the town and the service center. With a covering system that will host different parts of the unloading dock and temporary parking for loading and unloading center.

Buses docks.

The interchange point between the inside and outside of the area, once the Olympic Village is dismantled; it will be still working, linked to the lineal park, as a shadow area where different events can be celebrated.

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